Thursday, August 23, 2012

Macau Hotel Job Vacancies

A full service overseas recruitment agency that specializes in recruiting personnel for the hospitality industry is now accepting applicants who are qualified to fill Macau Hotel Job Vacancies. The said Macau hotel job vacancies were made available to interested applicants thru the POEA approval of its Job Orders allowing the said recruitment agency to recruit applicants who are qualified for the following positions:

Public Area Attendant
Room Attendant
Service Attendant
Junior Cook
Senior Cook
Housekeeping Supervisor
Public Area Supervisor

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

UAE Hospitality Job Vacancies

A POEA accredited non-fee charging recruitment agency in Makati City is currently in need of various hospitality workers for placement in UAE Hospitality Job Vacancies. The said UAE hospitality job vacancies have Job Orders which were all approved by the POEA last 13th of August 2012 with job opportunities for applicants who qualifies for the following positions:

Store Clerk
Night Auditor
Spa Attendant
Banquet Server
Pool Attendant
Spa Receptionist
Room Attendant
Banquet Commis I
Laundry Attendant
Reservation Officer
Reservation Supervisor
Public Area Attendant
Housekeeping Supervisor
Receivable Accounts Clerk

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hospitality Job Vacancies Bahrain

Seven Job Orders were recently approved by the POEA allowing a licensed placement agency to recruit qualified applicants for Hospitality Job Vacancies Bahrain. The said hospitality job vacancies Bahrain had its Job Orders approved last August 1, 2012 and have vacancies for the following positions: 

Housekeeping Supervisor
Continental Cook

Friday, August 3, 2012

UAE Hospitality Jobs Hiring

Nine Job Orders were recently approved by the POEA allowing an overseas manpower recruitment agency to recruit qualified applicants for UAE Hospitality Jobs Hiring. The Job Orders for the said UAE hospitality jobs hiring were all approved last August 1, 2012 with total job vacancies for 160 applicants who qualifies for the following positions:

Roomboy ----------------------- 30 job vacancies
Hostess ------------------------- 5 job vacancies
Lobby Hostess ----------------- 10 job vacancies
Bar Attendant ----------------- 15 job vacancies
Guest Service Agent ---------- 5 job vacancies
F & B Indoor Attendant ------ 40 job vacancies
F & B Outdoor Attendant ---- 40 job vacancies
Lifeguard ----------------------- 10 job vacancies
Ticketing Attendant ---------- 5 job vacancies